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Schedule of Rates For Non Maintenance Customers


  • Straight Stairlift – £325.00 plus parts/labour/travel
  • Curved Stairlift – £325.00 plus parts/labour/travel
  • Internal Access Platform Lift – £450.00 plus parts/labour/travel
  • External Access Platform Lift – £525.00 plus parts/labour/travel
  • Internal PO4 Access Platform lift – £325.00 plus parts/labour/travel
  • External P04H Access Platform Lift – £450.00 plus parts/labour/travel


  • Callout fee – £180.00 per call out
  • Labour – £65.00 per hour after the first hour on site
  • Travel – £0.55p per mile


(Between 4pm and 8am Monday to Friday.
Weekends and Bank Holidays)

  • WITH maintenance contact – £280.00 PLUS PARTS
  • WITHOUT maintenance contract – £280.00 PLUS PARTS/LABOUR & TRAVEL


Your disabled platform lift is warranted by the manufacturer against defects in materials and manufacturer workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of shipment from the manufacturer and provided the recommended G1 Lifts Limited installation procedures have been followed and installed by a licensed G1 Lifts Limited engineer only.

The warranty on products is not valid if the products have been purchased from, repaired or installed by an unauthorised agent or if a products serial number, casing or control panel has been altered, removed and or replaced in any way. Nor does this cover provide for damage, mis-use, tampering or power failures / surges. This is deemed at the discretion of a G1 Lifts Limited engineer whose findings will be discussed with the user/client prior to action being taken to make good the lift.

In the case of product failure due to defective material or manufacturer workmanship within the 12 month warranty period, the platform lift will be repaired or replaced (at the manufactures’ discretion) at no charge to the customer if deemed to be a genuine part or manufacturer defect by a G1 Lift Limited engineer.

Replacement or repaired parts are covered by this warranty for the remainder of the 12 months warranty period or 6 months whichever is greater.

G1 Lifts limited will pay shipping costs for return of the warranted goods to the supplier.

The manufacturer will not be responsible for any charges or damages incurred in the removal of the defective parts if not carried out by a G1 Lifts Limited engineer.

The warranty will be considered void if damage to the product was due to improper use of non specified or approved components or replacement parts, connection to an improper power source, tampering or if the damage was caused by electrical power surge, lightening , wind, fire, flood, insects or other natural agents.

G1 Lifts Limited’s responsibility for malfunctions and defects in equipment is limited to repair and replacement as set forth in this warranty statement. All express and implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for purposes are limited in time to the term of the limited warranty period reflected in this limited warranty. No warranties, whether express or implied will apply after the limited warranty period has expired.

G1 Lifts Limited does not accept liability beyond the remedies provided for this limited warranty or for consequential or incidental damages including without limitation any liability for third party claims against you for damages for products not being available for use. Our liability will be no more than the amount you paid for the product that is the subject of a claim. This is the maximum amount for which we are responsible.

G1 Lifts Limited warranty all labour carried out by an authorised agent for a period of 12 months from the labour date. The parts changed if necessary are covered by the above warranty.

After the 12 month warranty period expires, G1 Lifts Limited will perform the necessary repairs and services according to the attached schedule of rates or attached maintenance contract, whichever is the client’s preference.

April 2013

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