Sites Stairlifts.....

Sites Stairlifts from G1 Lifts.

To move freely and comfortably.

Easy, compact, silent and always clean.

Stairlift Features

  • Just a finger to operate your chair,keeping your arms comfortably on the armrests.
  • Easy and intuitive controls, designed to avoid any accidental activation.
  • Armrests and footrests designed to hold you when standing up to get or off your chairlift or sitting down whilst travelling.
  • Chair can be rotated to assist in sitting down or standing up comfortably and safely at the upper landing.
  • Minimum space necessary: seat, armrests and footrests are foldable.
  • Touch sensitive safety device on footrest and machine body.
  • Maximum hygiene and cleanliness: no oil or grease to revent dirtying and staining.
  • Dry guide rail with no cavities so that it can be dusted off easily.
  • Washable seat and armrests.


  • Controls at landings
  • Extensible control panel for attendent usage
  • Safety seatbelt
  • Emergency power supply unit
  • Acoustic or luminous signals during movement
  • Foldable guide rail at bottom landing

Sites Stairlift Models:


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