Sites MCP Platform Stairlift from G1 Lifts.....

The ideal solution for free movement with a wheelchair.

Simple, easy to use, silent and always clean.


Lift Features

  • Touch sensitive safety devices under the platform and on the main body of the lift.
  • Connecting ramps to the landing to access or exiting the platform safely and with no difficulties.
  • Foldable platform to reduce the necessary space.
  • It can be installed on straight or inward/outward curved staircases.
  • Dry guide rail with no cavities, it can be easily dusted off.
  • For installations both inside and outside.


Technical Information

  • Various platform sizes available
  • Rated load 230kg
  • Speed 6m/min
  • Single phase power supply
  • Low voltage controls
  • Safety break and overspeed govenor


  • Motorized opening of the platform
  • Emergency power unit
  • Acoustic or luminous signal during movement
  • Foldable guide rail at bottom landing
  • Foldable seat
  • Fixed handlebar for standing person


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